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Position : UNIT HEAD RN
Country : Saudi Arabia
Requirements : Age: 25 to 35
Job Details :


Education, licenses, certifications, and experience required to fulfill the essential duties, include computer skills as required.

- ADN degree from accredited school of nursing required
- Registered Nurse (RN) Bachelor Degree in Nursing
- Minimum of 5 years experience in dialysis
- Minimum of 2 years experience as Head Nurse Assistant
- Certified in BCLS and preferably in ACLS
- Certified and registered with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
- BSN degree or higher and/or possesses additional certifications (such as CDN or others)
- Current CPR certification required

- Completed training program approved by the medical director and the governing body as required by CMS guidelines prior to operating the water treatment system
- Basic computer skills and proficiency in MS Word and Outlook required; functional proficiency in all computer systems of DaVita within 90 days of hire required


The following duties and responsibilities generally reflect the expectations of this position but are not intended to be all inclusive.

·         Provides oversight of clinical teammates and day-to-day operations in support of Nursing Supervisor
·         Provides input on teammate relations, hiring, termination, professional development, and performance development at discretion of Nursing Supervisor
·         Plan, organize, direct, and manage nursing care of patients in the unit; may participate in direct patient care
·         Assist Nursing Supervisor in facility management as requested to ensure a safe and sanitary physical environment is maintained throughout the facility
·         Ensure implementation and compliance with DaVita Healthcare policies and procedures, and all safety regulatory requirements
·         Assist Nursing Supervisor in ensuring that clinic is prepared at all times to handle emergency care of patients including proper training of teammates, equipment readiness, and procedures in place
·         Supervises and perform direct patient care including but not limited to taking and monitoring vital signs, initiation and termination of dialysis, documentation, physical assessment of patients and patient treatments, taking and transcription of physician’s orders, drawing and documentation of ordered laboratory work
·         Notes signs of trauma, patients’ general physical and mental condition, reviews dialysis orders, documents observations in patient medical records
·         Analyzes patient assessments, laboratory data and, when concerns are noted, brings issues to the attention of the physician
·         Communicates all emergencies, patient life-threatening complications and related incidents to supervisor, Nephrologist, Operations Director, and/or Nursing Supervisor
·         Assesses patient and family learning readiness and provides appropriate information on renal disease, prescribed dialysis treatment, and medical regimen and its impact on the patient’s state of health and well-being
·         Provides dialysis therapy, including but not limited to formulating dialysis plan per physician orders, weight and rate to be ultra-filtered, ensuring safety measures are in place and complied with, administering medications or other appropriate treatments, discontinuing dialysis according to established procedure, documenting all activity appropriately  
·         Instructs patients on pre- and post-dialysis care
·         Instructs patients on pre-transplant preparation
·         Administers patient quality care in a considerate, respectful manner
·         Participates in long-term and short-term care planning and monthly progress notes
·         Is a resource for new RNs
·         Provides unsupervised patient care  
·         Demonstrates the ability to transfer skill set to other clinics and works at other clinics when required
·         Meets qualification for Charge Nurse; CQI program and outcome management
·         Quality Improvement and Facility Management Meeting (QIFMM) leader and driver for improvement
·         Proficient in all RN I and RN II duties
·         Is an EMPOWER (Patient Education) Program Captain or manager
·         Is a resource for colleagues with less experience
·         Directs the work of other staff