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EyeQuest International Manpower Services Inc. is a land-based Philippine manpower agency with POEA license No.: POEA-150-LB-080511-R. Its four department managers have more than ten years experience. In fact, they have facilitated and conducted deployment of more than 30,000 workers to abroad.

It can never be called computerization if data is just stored in the computers without professional management information system (MIS). Instead of using package software, we have developed our own processing system to attain ultimate productivity and efficiency. In EyeQuest’s fully computerized modern office, no table with piled-up documents can be found. Why EyeQuest is outstanding in computerization? You won’t be surprised, if you will know our background in satellite and computer communication.

To strengthen competency and provide our clients as well as our applicants with the best services, we have set up very strict standards for our operational procedures. It is known to all of us that for many ISO certified companies, "ISO" is becoming more of a slogan rather than a S.O.P., because it’s hard to persist with ISO compliance. But in EyeQuest, it is really a practice. Why can we make it? The answer is our potent "performing strength" which is founded in our corporate discipline. With this, various rules and regulations can be easily implemented. This is also our pride and crowning glory.

EyeQuest is incessantly engaged in innovative pursuits all the time. Although our department managers have more than ten years experience, we firmly believe that "Specialty" is not based on "years of experience" but on "Dedication" EyeQuest is continuously regulating its path in accordance with the changes of time and progress in technology. We have realized that this is the only way to remain leading in this field and in any endeavors for that matter.

We often hear from our clients that they are always touched by EyeQuest‘s kinds of service, because everything done by EyeQuest seems not only to aim at satisfying their needs but also to provide all that is beyond their expectations. In fact, Computerization, Standardization and Innovation have made us different from others. Most importantly, EyeQuest has become an acknowledged reliable enterprise because we have a well-organized and ethical staff. This is our greatest asset, putting us on the superior level among others. We believe, just like our clients, dealing with EyeQuest, you would feel happy since you have found a Philippine Recruitment Agency with real integrity, honesty and proficiency.